My name is Jeff, owner of J L Cantrell and since 1987 my company has been servicing and installing Air Conditioning and Heating systems all over Southern Ca. We offer service & installations for the Inland Empire, Riverside Counties, and installations for Orange Counties. No matter what your HVAC needs we have a solution for you. As a Trane Comfort Specialist we offer the very best HVAC systems available. Call us for a free consultation and please browse the informative information on our website to help you make the right choice for your indoor comfort.  

Service & Maintenance

We service all major brands of equipment, including but not limited to, Carrier, Bryant, Payne, Day & Night, Goodman, Amana, Williams, Mitsubishi and Tempstar. Our service team is not on commision so our prices stay competitive and fair. Our 1 year warranty on most repairs is among the best you will find. In most cases we try to use OEM parts only. We can also take care of your scheduled maintenance or show you how to do it yourself. You can text us using the Call Now or text button below (for Cell Phone users) for faster and easier response. 

Central Heating & Air conditioning

Whether you are looking to replace an outdoor air conditioner, the condenser, or install a complete new system, we have a complete line of Trane equipment to handle the job....  Learn More >

Properly sizing HVAC systems

After hopefully chosing Trane equipment for your new project, now you must chose the right size, or tonnage for your home. How is that done exactly? If you want your system to run efficiently....     Learn More >

Mitsubishi Ductless & Ducted

 Mitsubishi offers the finest in ductless and ducted systems and are a great choice for a single space, or mulitple spaces in a home. Whether it is a mother-law-quarters or a teenagers room there are many options to choose from for both residential and commercial applications....     Learn More >

Based on 28 reviews
Curt Flory
21:27 04 Mar 22
Jeff and his crew did a great job on the installation of the split system for our house/granny... flat. Previously we had one system for both sides and only one thermostat. I called Jeff because I trust him and I know that he knows his business. He made some recommendations and listened to my input. In the end we got what we needed at a great price and very professional work. Thanks Jeff.read more
Joanne Laipson
18:22 25 Oct 21
After a recent condo purchase, we needed a complete heating/air conditioning solution on the roof... to replace a 40 year old existing system that was virtually non-functional. We bid it to 3 local HVAC contractors. What I appreciated about Jeff's bid for the work is he got right to the point on his solution (no 15 minute conversation on the history of his small business which is what we experienced with others), he didn't try to upsell us on things we didn't need, gave a highly competitive price and told us he'd do the work within a week and didn't hedge on that timeframe once he knew he had our business.Jeff and his team delivered on their commitments - on time and on budget. We had to be on the east coast the entire time dealing with an elderly parent situation and Jeff's team did their work without us there.The work was done completely and the home left in tip top condition.System works great. He has been incredibly responsive to all my questions with thoughtful and comprehensive answers. JL Cantrell has my highest endorsement. We've owned a number of properties over the years so we're used to dealing with service vendors - some good, some not so good. JL Cantrell is at the top of the list - trustworthy, knowledgeable, competent, communicative, competitively priced and honest.read more
Deniz Hakkoymaz
19:57 22 Jul 21
Our AC started not cooling as much and we called Jeff if he could check it out. After the call, the... AC unit stopped completely. They came over first thing in the morning. They were very thorough and honest when explaining what was wrong with the unit. After suggesting few alternatives without playing the fear card, we went with a new installation with quality material and a considerably fair price. They were respectful to the property during the install and were courteous to the family when coming and leaving. I think that was one of the best decisions we made in a long time. It cut off the electric bill by half, not to mention an ice-cold house. We really appreciate Jeff and Noah for their hardwork and professionalism.read more
Catherine Davis
23:58 27 Jun 21
I’d been having issues with my current AC unit for many years and had numerous other technicians... out for repairs. Jeff came out last year and made some repairs in order to get me through the summer as I didn’t have the finances to replace the old unit. He charged me VERY little and did an excellent job. He also helped guide me with lots of excellent advice when dealing with my home warranty company, no charge. This summer he came and replaced the entire unit and did a fantastic job. He’s honest, prompt, flexible and understanding. For the first time in 15 years, we are comfortable in our home when it’s hot outside. I wouldn’t THINK of recommending anyone but him for AC/heating needs. 😊read more
Joe Warren
16:24 30 Mar 21
My wife and I arrived at our property in Lake Arrowhead with our two children on a Sunday morning... to discover the furnace not producing any heat and low temperatures in the 30's. My wife tried calling everyone she could find for a service call with no luck on a Sunday morning. All of a sudden, Jeff with J L Cantrell called me back and we began walking through my issues on the phone which turned into a Facetime call so he could see the furnace. I sent him the model and serial number, he quickly diagnosed our error code, and then directed me to manually reset a limit switch. After a quick restart of the unit, boom, the furnace lit and operated perfectly and we had heat. I insisted on compensating Jeff for saving the day, but he adamantly refused to take any payment. It is not often something like this ends up working out so well I guess it was our lucky day. I can't thank Jeff enough, highly recommend him, and will call him with all of our HVAC issues in the future. Thanks again, Jeff!read more
Andrew Yang
06:51 29 Mar 21
5 star business here. Reputable, honest, and knowledgeable. I called JL Cantrell on a late Saturday... afternoon not expecting anyone to pick-up, but out of desperation to fix my HVAC system (in 30 degree weather) I called anyhow and Jeff picked up right away. I explained the issue to him over the phone, and without hesitation, he gave me tips on what to look for. He spent time with me over the phone to not only diagnose the issue, but resolved it on the spot. His knowledge of the HVAC system was incredible. But more than anything, his customer service and willingness to provide a resolution was what impressed me the most. He easily could have deferred the business elsewhere or made an appointment for another day along with a hefty service charge, but he didn't and this shows a level of professionalism that is hard to find in the industry today. I highly recommend JL Cantrell services and would hire them in the future for any and all HVAC needs!read more
Gary Hess
01:19 15 Sep 20
We have a second home in Lake Arrowhead and always wanted to have central A/C but just did not want... to deal with all the mess and hassle associated with this project. We got referred to Jeff Cantrell from a neighbor and gave him a call.From the minute Jeff showed up he we felt comfortable with the project. He took the time to check our existing heating system and performed an efficiency calculation to provide us with the correct system for our home. After he completely explained the quote and how he would perform the install we decided to have the work done.We set the date and he and his team showed up and did our 4 bedroom home in 2 and a half days. The team did a fantastic job, placed drop cloths everywhere and cleaned up as they went. The project finished on time, worked perfect and was hassle free. He even fixed our heater in the process. Jeff thoroughly explained the install as he walked us through the house.I could not give a higher recommendation and would not use anyone else. His team is professional, has very fair prices and was done on time with excellent communication throughout the whole process.Gary H.Lake Arrowhead Ca.read more
Ryan Dobbs
06:26 26 Apr 20
After taking estimates from about a dozen companies, I chose to go with JL Cantrell. They were the... perfect combination of affordability and quality for me. Home Depot, Lowes, Burgeson's, All-Pro were all crazy expensive. Then I interviewed some smaller companies who ended up being cheaper but they didn't have the reputation or quality of JL. The owner, Jeff, is super reasonable and easy to deal with. My favorite qualities about him are that he never pressured me into a decision and he honestly works with his clients. Anytime an issue came up, he went above and beyond to take care of me. It has been just over a year now and I am still happy with my system.read more
Stephen Newcombe
01:07 23 Feb 20
Jeff and his team installed a new ac at our house. They also redid all ducts and vent. Great job... and attention to detail.read more
Randy Rousseau
00:11 23 Feb 20
Always available in your time of need, in the heat of the summer or in the cold of winter, & we... live in the mountains where it snows ! I have trusted JL CantrellFor over a decade & the quality has been unmatched for both my home & office.read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want a bigger system so it cools better Why is that a bad thing?Proper equipment sizing is critical. Did you know that is takes at least 15 minutes of run time for an AC unit to reach peak efficiency? Longer run times are good, when oversized a system cycles more, costing more money to start the compressor more often and more wear and tear.
In addition oversizing causes the temperature to bypass the set point of your thermostat creating what I call the rollarcoaster effect. Up and then down, too cold then too warm. Proper sizing will help level that out and with a multi stage or variable speed AC unit will give you comfort like you have never known before.

What is Ultra Low Nox and how does it affect me?In an attempt to lower nitrate emissions from gas fired furnaces the State Of Ca required manufactures to come up with new technology to do just that. Unfortunately the outcome has not been good with many "bugs" trying to be worked out even after the release of the units. Roof top units starting this year also had to incorporate this same technology and so far is proving to be difficult. Trane basically released one furnace line and had made necessary updates to have a successful product. However with the States ultimate goal of electricficaiton, and eliminating natural gas, Trane has set there focus on Heat pumps for
CA, which for the climate here is a great option. Most furnaces are oversized due to the mild climate, and tend to overheat the average home, mountains excluded, so heat pumps provide more comfort and less "drying" of the air as with a natural gas unit.

Is it normal for my system to need Freon?First of all this clarify Freon. Freon is actually a Brand name. The most common types of refrigerant are R22 and now R410.  If you are low on refrigerant then you have a leak in your system somewhere and it needs to be located and repaired. In most cases the evaporative coil has a leak, or possibly a damaged outdoor unit (condenser) etc. If you chose to continually add refrigerant, then you are heading to compressor failure, higher electric bills and reduced performace.

Why load calculations for you home are important when chosing a new system?In 2014 I took a class offered by SCE that taught contractors to learn how to perform computerized load calcuations and Manual D duct design. SCE had found that most sytems in Southern Ca were oversized and under ducted. 
Proper sizing, both for equipment and ducting is critical for proper performace, efficiency and comfort. We use the Wrightsoft Program for both tasks. If you are considering a contractor that doesnt utilize this technology then I would suggest you move on to someone who does.

Why is the air coming from my registers so loud? Is that a good thing?Well no, undersized ducting causes increased velocity due to the increase in static or restriction. In addition an inadequate register size or style such as a stamped face register, will also increase the speed of airflow and make it loud. Properly sized ducting for both return and supply will result in more quiet air delivery, reduced noise at the return air, or intake, and better efficiency while still delivery the requried volume of airflow.

How important is filter sizing? Why shouldn't I use a MERV 13 Allergy filter?Most air returns, or intake air, whether it is the actual duct size or the filter itself are simply too small. This causes increased static or resistance which makes your blower motor work harder and your system less effificient. Your unit can only push out what it can pull in. The bottom line is most filter are undersized and when you chose a high rated filter it makes your system work harder. The manufactures also will claim that it is a 90 day filter. This isn't necessarily true since the more efficient the filter is the faster it gets dirty. You can look into increasing your return air grill or adding a media filter cabinet with a large capacity filter that will help your system breathe easier, increase efficiency, and improve indoor air quality.  

A warning on new refrigerants!In an attempt to reduce global warming the refrigerant manufactures are developing new refrigerants. The lastest one that could become the standard actually will use a flammible gas such as propane. Do I need to say anymore? Really? Does anyone really want a flammible gas running through lines in their home and eventually when the system gets a leak then what?
You cannot compare this to natural gas used in you home since it runs through piping that will outlast the house itself in most cases.

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